Jan Zeman "Roseus"    

Вот и она, моя 150-я трубка!
New shape based on native New Zealand sea shell and sandblasted for stunning effect. This pipe was design to be blast from the start. The shape and two tone color in green over yellow works well together with sandblast effect, creating natural almost shell like finish.
Long hand cut black Ebonite stem gives the pipe just the right amount of balance and will provide you with nice cool smoke.
The bowl is coated with Pumice/Charcoal formula for easy first smoke faster cake build up. This pipe has one small sand pit on top of the bowl and was priced accordingly...great pipe for great price...
I trust you will find the new range of sandblasts refreshing addition to your collection and great pipes to smoke...
Size: 42 x 52 x 165 mm
Chamber Diameter: 21mm dia/40mm deep
Color: Sea Green over Yellow
Finish: Carnuaba wax
Stem: Black Ebonite, hand cut

А. Анисимов, © 2007